CfDC Minutes — December 2, 2009

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Scott Williams; Lorelei Harris; Gerald Hoff; Carolyn Grawi; Jill Rice; Stephanie Salazar; Philip Larson’ Paul Guttman; Robert Frey; Ryan Christman; Carole Dubritsky; Betsy Erwin; Tom Bayer; Stuart Segal; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Meeting called to order by Chair and introductions made (meeting held in Huetwell Visitors Center rather than Fleming Building on this occasion).

Jack explained recent 10th Circuit Court judgment re: IDEA in high school vs college accommodations with the result that students used to using special adaptive technology in high school no longer have necessary tools in college for accommodations and must be their own advocates, which may possibly result in lawsuits. Brief discussion ensued. Further questions to Jack, please.

Ryan distributed a handout, read the group a narrative he had written, discussed possibilities of a website (which which members of the Council may assist) for peer support and model for others, and asked for audience feedback. Three major points to be covered:

  1. How to start a support group for veterans;
  2. Sharing ideas/feelings as members make a conscious decision to do so;
  3. Having facilitator train peers to conduct group(s). Vet to Vet is a successful peer program instituted by Mel Armstrong. Ryan emphasized that this is not a therapy group but there is often a therapist present.

Tom invited Ryan to appear on his CTN program as a guest, with other guests from the Council to follow perhaps.

Stephanie Salazar displayed and explained the Campus Mind Works website for students with chronic, already diagnosed or ongoing mental health conditions. The Council website should link to this site. MiTalk for mental health resources on campus was also mentioned as was the group that the Council had provided with funding at one point, Finding Voice. Publicity possibilities were discussed.

Carolyn made an announcement about artworks on display at the Center for Independent Living. I have excerpted from her letter:

Touching the Spirit Art Exhibition. We will have a celebration that the community is welcomed to on Mon Dec 7th from 2-6 pm and the exhibit is all this week and next week at the AACIL from 9-5 at 3941 Research Park Drive, Ann Arbor.

AACIL – UM Art Collaborative Many Ways of Doing Flier for the Winter 2010 term. We have interested participants that were on a waitlist from the last term that will be given priority. As well interested participants who have not taken the course before will be given first priority. We will do a lottery of past participants who have taken the course to put those participants in order to be next in line to have a space in the class again. Please send me an email or a phone call of your interest in the class. It will be a 10 week commitment on Mondays from 2-4 pm 1/25/10 – 4/12/10 (no class the first Mon in March). Class participants will be notified by phone or email in early January to confirm their spot in the class.

We will also continue to explore other additional avenues of Art options. Please remember that we have Open Friday Arts programming from 1-3 at the AACIL at 3941 Research Park Drive, Ann Arbor.

We will have an Art Collaborative next Fall as well dates yet to be determined.