CfDC Minutes — December 5, 2012

Attending: Jack Bernard (Chair); Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Scribe); Jane Berliss-Vincent; Carolyn Grawi; Erin Elly; Patricia Anderson; Kathy Christensen (welcome!); Darlene Nichols; Randi Johnson; Sally Hart Petersen; Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Amy Shepherd; Mary Reilly; Stuart Segal; Christa Moran; Tracy Wright; Jill Rice; Lloyd Shelton and special guest Roger Chard.

Introductions were made around the table.

Jack praised the Army-Navy Wheelchair Game that was held in Crisler on November 20th as part of Investing in Ability. He overheard people saying how good it was.

Anna asked for volunteers for two committees: Investing in Ability and Neubacher Award Committee. Please contact Anna if interested (schnitzr at

Carolyn announced that Adena Rottenstein (adena at will be on campus through next December and invites people to take part in the ADACO Art Show Committee.

Jack discussed the results of the Hathitrust lawsuit that will allow Michigan to provide materials under copyright to because under the Chaffee Amendment, UM has been declared “an authorized entity” to do so. This allows visually impaired and reading impaired users to access over 10 million digitized items, many, many more that the National Library for the Blind possesses.


Roger Chard gave the Council members a presentation, telling of his family history and his own blindness. He touched on his life, the law, music, and sports, telling of an award he received from the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Questions and discussion followed; e.g., what are the obstacles in AA (clutter in streets). Many aspects of Braille were discussed, as well.

Jane gave a Google update with ongoing discussions about accessibility and told of the Provost's letter to faculty emphasizing the necessity for accessibility. There will be new software and equipment with phasing out of the Ergopods with replacement of software on all sites computers (Windows, Jaws, Kurzweil). There will be a recital on Saturday by Raul Midon, a visually-impaired guitarist: Dianne Reeves Quartet with special guest Raul Midon.

Sally mentioned that the Ann Arbor Commission on Disability had not met because of the holiday, but because the Liberty Plaza will be redesigned, the sensory garden there will be delayed.

Anna reported that we have a new Council member—newly elected Regent Mark Bernstein! She answered a few questions about how Richard is doing (he is a FaceBook friend).