CfDC Minutes — February 6, 2013

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, serving as Chair in the absence of Jack Bernard; Melanie Nau; Gerald Hoff; Jane Vincent; Erin Elly; Jill Rice; Randi Johnson; Ben Rosebrock (Welcome, Ben!); Joseph Jones (Welcome, Joe!); Barb Shaffner; Carolyn Grawi; Scott Wiliams; Amy Shepherd; Sally Hart Peterson; Carole Dubritsky; Paul Guttman; Lloyd Shelton; Margaret Goebel; Nyshourn Price; Sally Lindsley; Stuart Segal; Tracy Wright; Christa Moran; Patricia Anderson; Carlos Yeguez (Welcome, Carlos!); Jan Schlain (Welcome, Jan!)

Introductions were made around the table (and additional chairs were brought into the room)


Joseph Jones of the Fair Housing Center of Southeast Michigan presented the history, purpose, mission, and processes of the FHC. He described “testing” for noncompliant housing accessibility and the means for rectifying such a situation (by negotiating or by legal means). If an individual, either with or without a disability wishes to be a tester, please contact <;jjones at>

Scott Williams, the second presenter, described his work with making websites accessible and his collaboration with Carole Dubritsky, the ADA Coordinator, and Jane Vincent, the Adaptive Technology Lead. He indicated that he also tests and communicates with designers and engineers of ITS and other units, providing standards and tools for site evaluations for 19 academic units. He described the history of Google (in)accessibility issues on campus, as well as those of C-tools.

Carlos Yeguez gave a brief presentation from MSA-DAC, the organization of students who are concerned with disability issues. This group has been working to solve the problem of students’ bicycles being chained to the rail on the North Quad ramp (Carole gave the reason for this problem being so difficult to solve since it is contingent on a UM ordinance which is in the power of the Regents to change). MSA-DAC is also concerned with clearing sidewalks of snow so that those with physical challenges can safely navigate to class.

Sally Petersen reported from the Ann Arbor Commission on Disability’s retreat. She said that the group is studying Robert's Rules of Order; it has recruited a new member—Barbara Levin Bergman; a discussion of affordable housing was held since that topic is a high Ann Arbor Council budget priority for the future; the Sensory Garden project for Liberty Plaza has been approved and work on this will commence in May.