CfDC Minutes — April 3, 2013

Attending: Special guest: Sgt. Gary Hicks; Jack Bernard, Chair; Gerald Hoff; Bob Fraser; Jane Vincent; Jill Rice; Carole Dubritsky; Sara Stephens; Carolyn Grawi; Rebecca Parten; Erin Elly; Randi Johnson; Paul Guttman; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Barb Shoffner; Lisa Clark; Lloyd Shelton; Christa Moran; Carlos Yeguez; Sue Wortman; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made around the table.


  • Jane, Scott, and Prof. Joyojeet Pal will be teaching a class on assistive technology and web accessibility at the School of Information.
  • Elly will be teaching “My Voice/My Life” on April 18 at AA Center for Independent Living from 10 to 3. The morning session will be individual advocacy and afternoon session will be systems advocacy.
  • Sally has emailed some good news about accessibility being instituted at Gallup Park (attachment) with an accessible transfer location for a kayaking individuals with mobility challenges.
  • Randi said that 34 students had to be placed elsewhere because of North Quad flooding and Jeb (wheelchair user) went home for a few days.
  • Carolyn described Dance Marathon's support and the student members' fund raising for children who need rehabilitation. She will staff a table at the upcoming DM event and also promote the Council from 10 till 2.
  • Carolyn offered to provide critical incident training to Dearborn campus and others.
  • Carlos answered the question about the difference between a crime alert and an emergency alert and won a little (stuffed) police person.
  • Carlos reported that the Student Government put into its bylaws the fact that any chair of the Student Disability Committee must also belong to the CfDC.
  • Bob offered to be the CfDC liaison & ambassador to the Dearborn Campus.
  • Anna commended Lloyd’s seminar on Disability and Discrimination that took place at the School of Social Work last week.
  • Discussion of which UM Greek group is interested in disability issues: Phi Kappa Phi is the one, it was decided.


Gary gave an overview of the Police Department after giving a brief history of his own background (City of Detroit Police Dept., English teacher, various other occupations and before that and UM '80 graduate!).

WHAT WE LEARNED (major points of PowerPoint):

  • Website:
  • UM has a SWAT team—AQAD, which means Advanced Quick Action Deployment, and it was highly praised by the Secret Service when President Obama came to UM.
  • UM has a motor unit, a motorcycle unit, a K-9 unit, a bicycle team, computer forensics, community outreach, special problems unit, deployment, criminal investigation, accident investigation, special problems unit (but no cavalry unit).
  • Gary is in charge of the community outreach working with community partners, where the main thrust is to identify issues, define priorities, and develop remedies.
  • Twice a year the Department's weekly crime-reporting meetings are open to the public.
  • The police force members are divided into responsibilities for: N. Campus, S. Campus, Central Campus, Medical Campus
  • UM police patrolled the Art Fair this past year.
  • Lots of cell phones have been stolen at CCRB. It was discovered that unauthorized users are entering the premises without being detected.
  • Various programs are offered to UM groups/individuals and include strategies and techniques, e.g. riding along with police on a shift, retail safety program, special problems program
  • Registration of any item that has a serial number can be done online (free); cell phones, laptops, bicycles, even fancy earphones. Registration=less theft of items.
  • Text message 377911 or telephone contact with dispatcher 734-763-1131 (911 for emergencies); UM folks should sign up for personal emergency alert notification.
  • Emergency messages can be posted on Stadium big board
  • See something, Say something Program (connection with Homeland Security) is being emphasized.
  • Active shooter response Program: run/hide/fight (individual choice).
  • Crime alert (already happened) whereas emergency alert means that something dangerous like a tornado may occur.
  • Trying to boost ability to text/receive cell phone calls in certain UM buildings with “dead zones.”
  • Q&A/Further discussion
  • What resources are there for individuals who are deaf? Is there special training for working with people with disabilities? Rape prevention/solutions? Relations with Hospital and other security? Relationship with AAPD? Question about Dearborn police?