CfDC Minutes — May 1, 2013

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (serving as Chair in Jack Bernard's absence); Jan Schlain; Daniel Young; Margaret Goebel; Stan Bell; Jane Vincent; Bob Fraser; Nancy Caplan; Barb Shoffman; Gerald Hoff; Melanie Nau; Christa Moran; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Carole Dubritsky; Paul Guttman; Tracy Wright; Carolyn Grawi; Lloyd Shelton; Sally Peterson; Sue Wortman; and special guest-presenter Dr. Philip Margolis (please see attachment for excellent, detailed minutes taken by Bob, for which we are very grateful!).

Introductions were made around the table.


Anna gave information about upcoming Investing in Ability events, passing out a rough schedule, and asked Council members to submit nominations for the Neubacher Award.

Sally said that the Sensory Garden in Liberty Plaza would have its opening on May 19th at 9:30, but the actual ribbon-cutting would occur in the fall. She also told us that the accessible kayak landing in Gallup Park was now available.

Christa described a conference (Diversity Rx) she had attended at which the UMHS had a strong presence; mention was made of soon-to-be instituted needed improvements with LGBT populations but outstanding service via interpreters at UMHS; Dr. Carmen Green will be instrumental in updating various systems/services.

Carolyn discussed patient advocates and mentioned that Jewish Family Services is very helpful working with seniors. She will attend a national ADA Conference in San Antonio on May 13th.

Carole said that the 8th Annual Mental Health session (part of Investing in Ability) will take place in early October and will address student/staff mental health issues, including depression.


Dr. Philip Margolis gave the Council a presentation about forensic psychiatry, which is the interface between psychiatry and law. He thinks that forensic psychiatric residents usually prefer to discuss crime rather than disability (although the word used in medical circles is actually “impairment”). His slogan is: Work is therapeutic! Please see Bob's detailed notes on the presentation (attached).