CfDC Minutes — June 5, 2013

Attending: Jack Bernard (Chair), John Kotarski (Presenter), Sara Stephens (Presenter), Sue (CART transcriptionist), Alison Stroud, Carolyn Grawi, Patricia Anderson, Gerald Hoff, Carole Dubritsky, Sue Bade, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Jane Vincent, Lisa Clark, Bob Fraser, Stuart Segal, Sally Lindsley, Lloyd Shelton, Sally Petersen, Jennifer Wakenell, Amy Shepherd, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator/minutes).

The meeting was called to order by Jack as Chair of the Council, and introductions were made around the table.


  • Carolyn: Center for Independent Living's iRide on August 1st--8th
  • Jane: Flint has new SSD coordinator, Pamela, interested in attending CfDC
  • Els: presented in Holland on accessibility
  • Sue: Tom Beyer passed away May 9th; Sue is sending a card from the Council to the family
  • Jack: HathiTrust (digitization of library collection) suit in Court with amici briefs filed from every corner of the disability communities including AHEAD; hopeful outlook
  • Jane: Will send around petition about international publishers making books accessible to visually impaired because of growing # of people with visual disabilities


Sara Stephens of UMHS's Return to Work (RTW) program gave a PowerPoint on the history, process, some outcomes. Please see attachment for Patricia's notes on this presentation. Thanks, Patricia!

John Kotarski of Ann Arbor Art Commission gave a presentation including, briefly, his own background, some facts about the AA Art Commission, and details about the DIA's Inside/Outside Downtown Walking Art Tour, a tour that some of the Council members have already participated in. Please see attachment for Patricia's notes on this presentation, as well. Thanks again, Patricia! Another flyer is attached, too, just in case. Also, John and Els had a meeting-after-the-meeting with plans to make the Tour even more accessible with the possibility of bigger/better things to come re: accessibility to art/culture in AA in the future.

Note: There will be no meeting in July because of the holiday and so Council meetings will resume in August. The agenda will include Lloyd Shelton presenting on the intersection of disability and racial discrimination.

Please feel free to write me with any questions (additions/corrections) about the above minutes: