CfDC Minutes — August 7, 2013

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (serving as Chair in Jack Bernard's absence); Jane Vincent; Bob Fraser; Margaret Goebel; Charlie Pekarek; Paul Guttman; Sally Petersen: Lisa Bartlett; Scott Williams; Jan Schlain; Randi Johnson; Kwawnane Littlejohn; Lloyd Shelton; John Kotarski; Mary Anne O'Connell; and two videotaping volunteers from the Center for Independent Living.

Charlie read a short poem that he had written about amputees.

John showed his slides of the several Tactile Tours and DIA's Inside/Outside displays in downtown Ann Arbor that he had facilitated (to be sent separately later).

Lloyd presented his PowerPoint talk on the intersection of disability and race.

Anna mentioned several items:

  • serving as a disability representative at the American Library Association Meeting in Chicago;
  • Tom Bayer's Disability Issues show being rerun on Channel 17;
  • Megan Marshall working at CongresswomanTammy Duckworth's Illinois office on disability issues; Amazon and Sony asking for a waiver on accessibility of e-book readers.

Jane added information to the “push-back” qon accessibility that is occurring.

Sally announced that:

  • the grand opening of the downtown tactile garden will be on Sept 15th at 1 pm;
  • survey for individuals with disability has been forwarded to the Council mailing list;
  • Alison Stroud has been nominated to be on the AA Commission on Disability Issues, and there is no other member with a hearing disorder on that committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 1 pm sharp. The Council is grateful to the various kind individuals who helped with the computer technology for the meeting.

Recipient of the Ann Arbor Chronicle’s 2012 Bezonki Award that will be passed along to another recipient on 8/16/13 at 7 pm in the Zingerman’s Events Hall in Kerrytown. Everyone is invited to the occasion.