CfDC Minutes — November 6, 2013

Present: Anna Schnitzer, Carolyn Grawi, Jane Vincent, Els Nieuwenhinger, Bob Fraser, Paul Guttman, Lloyd Shelton, Steven Villareal, Jill Rice, Sue Wortman, Melanie Nau, Tracy Wright, Randi Johnson, Christa Moran, Clive D'Sousa.

Jack Bernard is presenting at the Charleston Conference.


Nov 13 -- two events:

  • "Don't Call me Inspirational." Palmer Commons, Great Lakes South
  • Event at School of Social Work in evening (6:30) B780 in the School.

Training sessions that last for six
First peer support group Nov 15 at 5 in the School of Social Work
Army Navy Wheelchair BB game in Chrysler this Sunday
WWII & Student Veterans' Panel
Session on "Don't Assk, Don't Tell"
Women in the service
Tuskegee Veterans
One more

This venue is not available for long term scheduling. Looking for other space. Jack and others are involved. Having a place where people know we meet and has other logistics that make it good for thegroups needs is imporrtant.

"Disability" is not on the new UM gateway. The search engine is turning up weird sites as well.

What is the purpose of this meeting?

  1. Incubator for our thoughts about disability issues, not just for what the group could do itself.
  2. New ideas about what needs to be done and can be done.

Carolyn will talk next time about confidentiality and wants to know any questions people have.

"Investing in ability" is almost complete. Wheelchair Basketball game this coming

Sunday. No tickets needed.

Difficulty in searching on website for a variety of disability sites and events.

Disabilities issues continue to be a silo for the University. As soon as we get on a more integrated platform, we take two steps back ass the U moves forward with technology. All the pieces are disconnected.

Jane Vincent:

  • Put in budget for Knox cwenter move, hoping for Fall 20`4. Waiting for approval. -
  • New boss is taking a good lead in pusdhing disability concerns in IT
  • Rolling out new adjustable tables across campus. Another delivery in 2 weeks. THere will be an online map that tells where they are.
  • Rolling out the "read and write" software. On all computing sites Windows andMacs. Also available to anyone associated with the University on a thumb drive. This software has a plugin for Google Docs. Available at regional campuses.
  • Looking at selecting campus-wide web accessibility checker. Interviewing three vendors in early December. Very promising for entire U community.
  • Committee that Melissa Levine in library started for dealing with how to make online classes accessible. Coming up with best practices and materials. Problem with ILL PDFs. Even if they are posted to CTools with full data for accessibility, it may download without.

Paul: With IT rationalization, a lot more self service IT, much more dispersed Google Sites. As he makes a Google Sites for his department, it makes new questions about accessibility.

Jane: On the Google+ website is a very good resource for making Google Sites info accessible. Send material to Scott Williams first and then to Jane.

Carolyn: Many medical places require filling out paper forms with no large print version

Need interactive map for campus with accessible sites. There is one, but it itself is not accessible.

MSU is much better at disability issues. Have 40-50 people in disability staff while we have six. That is the case with most of the CIC universities. Get information to the committee chaired by Robert Ortega on the Inclusive University.

Question: Which University is the gold standard for integrated disability response? Anecdotal evidence only.

Write letter to Carmen Green in the UMHS who deals with diversity concerns and outreach. Anna write a letter and Bob Fraser review to Carmen Green to see how we could collaborate.

Is it possible to include disability language in grant proposals to request funding to make the product inclusive?

Need for a list of all support resource offices and groups on campus. We don't even know all the acronyms used.