CfDC Minutes — December 4, 2013

Present: Jack Bernard (Chair), Randi Johnson, Sara Stephens, Valerie Palazzolo, Clive D'Souza, Paul Guttman, Sally Hart Petersen, Jenny Bandyk, Debbie, Hire, Jihye Song, Aysha Siddique, Mealnie Nau, Nyshourn Price, Mark La Sarge, Kimberly Mills, Jill Rice, Suzanne Bade, Carole Dubritsky, Patricia Anderson, Els Nieusenhuijsen, Janet Keller, Tracy Wright, Mary Reilly, Darlene Nichols, Stuart Segal, Virginia Grubaugh, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, (minutes). Patricia recorded the meeting.

Introductions were made around the table.

Jack acknowledged Council member Gerald Hoff as being a recipient of the 2013 UM Distinguished Diversity Leader Award.


Sally said that with the assistance of the Ann Arbor Chronicle there will be live texting of AA City Council meetings and also that the AA Council had written to the AADL and the DDA about concerns re entrance to library's downtown branch with assurances that this entrance will be renovated.

Jenny announced connection made with Washtenaw County Sheriff's Citizens Academy.

Anna announced that Neubacher Award information was sent to Bentley Library for University of Michigan historical record.

Jill announced to group that SSD is celebrating 40 years in 2014 by having monthly events.

Presentation on projected tool by SI students:

Aisha and Jihye presented an outline of their project, a tool about where to report accessibility issues (right now information is dispersed so one central site for integrated reporting would be ideal); another objective of the tool is to improve the social experience of students with disabilities and to provide support by others. Aisha and Jihye conducted 3 interviews and then generated a prototype. They also mentioned the possibility of having a forum, peer assistance, a listing of mentors' skills and availability.

Feedback from Council members: Who would monitor and make changes? Who would carry project forth? Where would the information be kept? Suggestion: to test social norms/interaction, one particular disability might be the focus at first. Students don't necessarily start their searching from the UM Gateway. Maybe an app could be created that would provide dynamic (rather than linear) information. Should we call info on topic "accessibility" instead of "disability"? Tagging is important for locating info (library assistance needed?). Ray Garrett of Plant devised resource using a GIS system that probes various databases. This method to also be used for UM Accessibility Map (being worked on by CIC/Architects/OIE)

Presentation on Confidentiality by Carole Dubritsky:

ADA Title 1: Employment; FMLA: Absence (continuous or intermittent); Worker's Comp: MHealthy OT; OFCCP (new regulations for affirmative action effective 3/24/2014 that will require self-identification of disability by UM employees with information kept confidential and blinded; surveyed pre-job offer and post offer as well as every 5 years). Check with Carole of OIE ( for further details and hotline number for anonymous complaints.)