CfDC Minutes — April 2, 2014

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, serving as scribe, coordinating, and acting as chair in absence of Jack Bernard; Patricia Anderson; Margaret Goebel; Janet Keller; Debra Hire; Sue Bade; Bob Fraser: Jane Vincent; Erin; Nyshourn Price; Patty McTigue; Paul Guttman; Randi Johnson; Tracy Wright; Carolyn Grawi; Lloyd Shelton; Ryan Bartholomew; Raghav Ramkumar; Xiang Liu; Noppawat Muktabhan; Scott Williams; Carole Dubritsky.


Bob announced that he is forming a team to assist architects at the Mardigian Library in Dearborn with respect to increased accessibility in that building.

Please note that there are three important presentations below and each of them welcomes your feedback!


Carole Dubritsky introduced the new campus interactive map: Gateway/Quick Links/ Maps, Directions, Transportation/ CIC. She explained the background, both the full and partial implementation, navigation to various campus areas, placement of accessibility items; icons, contrast & colors, lighted pathways, GIS coordinates to be added, enlargement, and other details. This is still a work in progress that needs to be tweaked (Housing and Athletics are not yet plotted), and Carole welcomes feedback from users. Her email is: <cfd at>

Feedback from Council members touched on real-time implementation, possible coordination with the Ann Arbor community (AA Commission on Disability Issues?) to obtain additional accessibility/parking information outside campus; mobile apps; color blindness testing; addition of accessible restrooms and elevator pathways.

A model of an internal map with accessible routes can be found in the School of Social Work, but other buildings don't have such an item.

Ryan Bartholomew gave a presentation on the work that the Campus Central Government on Accessibility and Disability Commission had already accomplished relating to bikes attached to ramps on campus with new procedures for DPS impounding such. He also described a fund (endowment or expendable account of $10K) that his group would like to establish for any UM student with a disability who has financial need. He asked for feedback from Council members. He welcomes feedback. His email is: <ryansbarn at>

Feedback included: a donation page; asking groups like Lions Club or Rotary Club or Dance Marathon, A2B3, etc. if they could collaborate and assist; contacting Dearborn&Flint for collaborative effort; crowdfunding/crowdsourcing through UM:

One caveat mentioned would be to check with Office of Financial Aid for assistance to be sure that this source would not interfere with other financial support.

Ryan is also on the SSD Student Advisory Board, and in contact with them pretty regularly. CSG and SSD are both currently working to set up different kinds of scholarships. The CSG's is need-based and going to be administered to any student in need through financial aid, while as theirs is more like an award that is going to be administered through their office. They have given the commission the green light to pursue this venture separately from them.

Presentation by Raghav Ramkumar on behalf of student committee consisting of Xiang Liu and Noppawat Muktabhan: The group is part of a class creating an app for entryway accessibility with a focus on mobility issues and is looking to interview individuals with disabilities who might give feedback. Raghav's email is: <rraghavs at>

A number of flyers were distributed to the group, one about the SSD 40th Anniversary events (April 4 and another April 7) and several from the Center for Independent Living (<cgrawi at>), and another from the SDAG (panel/workshop on Universal Design at SSW on April 9). Please let me know if you need more specific information (<schnitzr at>) about any of these.

Thanks to everyone who presented today. Stay tuned for our May 7th meeting when we will have a presentation by two other outstanding members of our UM Council and local disability community—Jane Vincent and Lloyd Shelton.