CfDC Minutes — May 7, 2014

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Jill Rice; Jane Vincent: Erin Lauridsen: Janet Keller; Margaret Goebel; Christa Moran; Carole Dubritsky; Bob Fraser: Phil Larson; Joan E. Smith; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Tracy Wright; Sally Petersen; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made around the table (and additional chairs were brought into the room)


Jack announced that the AAATA millage had passed, which is very meaningful for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, enabling them to have better bus service and thus more access to jobs and to evening appointments.

Jill distributed flyers for the last two SSD events, Perspectives on Disabilities and Engineering, with David Chesney and Clive d'Souza presenting--on Thursday, May 15th at 10 am.

Els described the EMU survey/research about disabilities and faith communities:     investigator is Rhonda V. Kraai, Ed.D.,

Anna requested Council members to submit nominations for the James T. Neubacher Award and Certificates of Appreciation:

Christa announced a meeting of the Deaf Health Community on May 17th in the NCAC (toaster building off Huron Parkway) with every other month meetings to follow.  The second physician who is deaf has joined the UMHS. There will be live streaming of the meeting across the state.

Erin described LYFT and UBER, new "cab-type" systems in Ann Arbor, a shared ride service accessible through a smart phone (very accessible and easy to use for individuals who are blind and/or deaf).

She wrote: Here are links for the ride sharing services in Ann Arbor. One thing I neglected to mention in the meeting is the rating system. You anonymously rate each driver, and drivers also rate passengers, which provides crowd sourced accountability for the service.

Lyft pricing structure:
Referral link for a first free ride:

Uber Pricing Structure:
Referral code for a first free ride: 9flsc

Bob mentioned the visit to Flint's Mardigian Library, an evaluation of accessibility of that building for the first time ever.

Presentation by Jane and Lloyd:

To start the discussion, Jane introduced acronyms and asked Council members what they stood for: SSD; OIE; SDAG; CGSDI; IAW; BFDC; ATCS; RERC; (Jack added UMiNDS).
Jane stated that tomorrow would have been James Knox's 70th birthday.  The Knox Adaptive Technology Center will move this fall (Budget approved and date to be determined).

Lloyd described the Universal Design event with two professors (Sean Vance and Joyojeet Pal) who are doing similar work but had not known each other.  Needed are brainstorming, networking, coalitions, relationships, etc. to move the disability issues forward. 

Possibilities: Perhaps an SI student could meet interested individuals, write descriptions of each for a directory?  (Els talked about early meeting (UMINDS) that brought people together, but then UMINDS took a different direction, became an academic unit.)  Carolyn might incorporate into her class to get word out. We could hold event and sponsor speakers, as a metasubject conference.  What is the meaning of disability vis-a-vis environment.Tracy spoke of need to locate people with special expertise. 

Jack suggested ideas for Investing in Ability 2015: activities that originated at UM--invite back the progeny of faculty here, a UM-centric keynote/dinner, etc.

Erin told about a bimonthly accessibility meet up at her former institution to network, discuss technology, etc.

Lloyd reported that SSW is interested in hosting a disability certificate and also a conference or symposium on disability.  Discussion of need for marketing, brief bios, billboards/buses.

Tracy said that some students suggested a button with "Words Matter" in the manner of the Expect Respect" button that were first suggested by students and that have been distributed throughout UM in past years.

Phil reported that JP Morgan/Chase Bank had donated $5,000 toward the Wheelchair Basketball Game.

Carole reported that Anthony is still working toward lowering the rent of Crisler for the game, and if that doesn't work, he and Gerald will touch base with Jack.