CfDC Minutes — June 4, 2014


Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, serving as chair in the absence of Jack Bernard; Gerald Hoff; Jane Vincent; Bob Fraser; Carole Dubritsky; Debra Hire; Lloyd Shelton; Erin Lauridsen; Margaret Goebel; Janet Keller; Patricia Anderson; Melanie Nau; Amy Shepherd; Mary Reilly; Jill Rice; Jamie Mayo (welcome!); Carolyn Grawi; Joan E. Smith; Sally Hart Petersen; Paul Guttman; Sharon Pedersen (welcome!).

Introductions were made.


Patricia described upcoming August 16th event hosted by UM at Palmer Commons—“Make Health,” a Maker Fair event, with the potential of finding solutions to problems, e.g., disability issues. More complete announcement and website to be supplied by Patricia at a later date.

Bob reported a collaborative effort at UM-Dearborn when Phil Larson visited: “Will and Phil Show” re: better support for vets. And since Investing in Ability has the theme of addiction, there has to be sensitivity to needs of those with substance abuse. He also described the recent walk through UM Dearborn’s Mardigian Library, the first ADA “open access tour” since ’91; impact because not “just Dearborn folks” involved in walk-through. Plans to be involved more with Dearborn disability community assisted by Craig of M-Healthy (phone conference yesterday at Wolverine Tower included Gerald, Anna, and Sherry Berry). Discussion of video-streaming or conferencing via BlueJeans/Google Hangouts during Investing in Ability events in October.

Anna mentioned the Campus Inn article from, saying there were complaints made years ago about lack of accessible accommodations—to no avail at the time.

Anna passed around a tentative schedule for Investing in Ability events with the theme “Is Addiction a Disability?” and also reported that the nomination deadline had just passed and that the Neubacher Award Committee would soon be meeting to make decisions.

Jill reminded us of June 12th event when Philip Larson will be talking on veterans' needs, “The Visible and Invisible Wounds of Today's Veterans,” at 10 am in Grad Lib Gallery—part of series for 40th anniversary of SSD.

Sally explained current situation re: Uber and Lyft, cease&desist order by city of Ann Arbor, with more details to come as decisions are made. Lloyd weighed in from City Commission on Disability Issues. Erin followed up with some positive aspects of the system, e.g., daily crowdsourcing checking of drivers rather than background checks. Sally later added this article from the Huffington Post.

Carolyn described Cinetopia Film Festival featuring “Life Feels Good,” June 4–8 at Michigan Theater and DIA in Detroit. Discussion of captions in place for deaf/hard of hearing. Amy suggested earphones for visually impaired and will contact Wild Swan Theater for these.

Melanie announced a conference on June 19th/20th (PFD) .

Sharon introduced herself and her firm, Partners in Personal Assistance, providing independence, self determination, mutual respect for individuals. She will send information about a speaker series.