CfDC Minutes — July 2, 2014

Attendees: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer serving as chair in the absence of Jack Bernard; Patricia Anderson; Gerald Hoff; Joan Smith; Jamie Mayo; Bob Fraser; Erin Lauridsen; Tracy Wright; Sally Petersen; Christa Moran; Carolyn Grawi; Stuart Segal; Lloyd Shelton; Clive d'Souza; Sharon Pedersen; Janet Keller.


As we conclude our second decade, we look to our revised Mission Statement as a guide:

Promote the development of a physical and social environment that provides full access of programs, services, and facilities to every person in the University community (students, faculty, staff, guests). Advance the University’s commitment to the quality of experience for all persons, including those with disabilities. Act in an advisory capacity to recommend University programs and policies that assure full opportunity and access to qualified individuals with disabilities. Advocate for the concerns of members of the University community who have disabilities. Educate the University community by increasing our awareness of and sensitivity to all issues related to individuals who have disabilities.


Stuart: Next SSD 40th anniversary talk will be Robert Ernst, MD., Medical Director of UHS, speaking on "Evaluation and Management of Head Injuries." October 17 is the all-day conference to which all are invited. Past presentations went well and food was appreciated. Flyer was distributed for Dr. Ernst's presentation: 7/14 at 10 am in GL Gallery (Room 100).

Christa: on 7/17 the 2nd of the deaf health talks will take place with topic of arthritis. 30 participants attended the first one. Diabetes will be a future topic in October. There is a FaceBook page for the group (Deaf Health Talks). The group is looking for a grant for special populations/health disparities.

Bob: Met in Dearborn with Craig Kotajarvi, Judy Walker and Will Emerson. Very interested in participating in our events; if not in person, maybe through streaming to Dearborn or incorporating. There will be a 2-hour panel "Transitions." Phil's talk will be incorporated with "trigger" warning for PTSD purposes. Discussion ensued about "triggers" in general. Patricia: MakeHealth on Aug. 16th with call for participation coming next week for collaboration among researchers, clinicians, general public. Carolyn suggested contacting MICHR, which does community work. Sharon: Partners in Personal Assistance will have mayoral forum about affordable housing; passed out flyer for "Knowledge is Key, a free speaker series for seniors, people with disabilities, and advocates." More info at:

Anna: Reported Nyshourn's message about Mindfulness Events to be held on 9/6 from 10 am to 4 pm. Venue to be announced. There will be separate event for social work students (time to be announced). More info:

Investing in Ability Calendar (slightly revised version--see attachment) distributed. We should attend events and send information to others (when official flyers are prepared; meanwhile "work-in-progress" calendar MS Word document is attached).

Lloyd: Taxi Board working on situation with transportation modes Uber and Lyft. Commission on Disability Issues updating official definitions of physical and mental disabilities (cognitive vs emotional) to be passed along to the Human Rights Commission and when ready to the AA Council.

DISCUSSION: Issues and Questions

  • Suggestion to invite new UM president to a Council meeting (maybe Regent Darlow could help introduce idea?)—profile on M-Live called him " of a collaborative nature." How can we get more students on Council? Perennial question. Much competition for students' time/interests. Lloyd's table at Festifall could include Council information. Ryan Bartholemew is CSG representative right now (contact?).
  • How can Council be brought to the attention of UM staff members with disabilities? (Hard to get time off from some jobs to attend meetings even if they know about Council.) Could HR give information at time of new employee orientation?
  • Question about whether Council advocates for those with disabilities (see MISSION STATEMENT above).
  • Should Council be more official or ad hoc organization? Some energy lost with official standing, perhaps. Voluntary nature right now. Everyone can plant seeds and communicate to others about Council and what it does.
  • Should there be more people with disabilities at the table?
  • What is the mission and purpose of the Council (see MISSION STATEMENT above)?
  • What is the Council budget, line items, donations, etc.? (Unknown right now because we are in process of paying for events in October).
  • If sign language interpreter is needed for a student to attend a Council meeting, Stuart said SSD will pay costs.


Subcommittee was proposed to assist in conferencing and transmitting to other campuses (Dearborn and Flint) via Bluejeans, Skype or other means: Patricia/Bob/Stuart/Jane (if latter accepts). Anna will write invitation to new president (first asking Jack's opinion).

Meeting was adjourned promptly at 1 pm.