CfDC Minutes — August 6, 2014

Attending: Bob Fraser, Patricia Anderson, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator), Paul Guttman, Jim Eng, Lisa Headings, Lloyd Shelton, Deb Hire, Margaret Goebel, Janet Keller, Melanie Nau, Joan Secrest, Phil Larson, Jamie Mayo, Mary Reilly, Tracy Wright, Jack Bernard (Chair), Sharon Pedersen

Introductions were made.


Patricia passed out flyers for Make Health, which is coming up on Aug. 16th from 10 am to 4 pm at U-M Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Room. This is a free technology-focused, do-it-yourself workshop motivated by fun and self-fulfillment, which is open to everyone (please help spread the word to the community). Please visit the Make Health website for more information.

Mary passed out flyers for the upcoming presentation by Ruth Anna Spooner on August 15th at 10 am in the Graduate Library Gallery.

Discussion Topics:


C-Tools (pilot program of Canvas being conducted by some instructors); continuing accessibility vs later cut-off of some accessibility by vendors, etc.; electronic environments to adapt to changes in technology; definition of accessibility--legal vs practical requirements; more people thinking about this factor as time goes on (e.g., in building structures); AAATA site difficult to negotiate for everyone; Dr. Pal's accessibility class at SI has been cancelled; HathiTrust (LC has 30k digitized books while UM has 11 million).

Invisible vs visible disabilities

Whether to disclose? Depends on situation and disposition. Our Council's most heated meeting (in the past) about disclosing--brings both privileges and liabilities. Declaring may bring more funding but also may lead to human proclivity to discriminate.

Service dogs

Members of public often misunderstand special training real service dogs undergo to assist with particular disabilities; U.S. Post Office in Federal Building has sign allowing service dogs covers only blind and deaf disabilities.

Explanation by Lloyd of AA Commission on Disability Issues's movement to make definition of disability more service oriented to pass along to Human Rights Committee.

CM Sally Petersen, our own Council for Disability Concerns member is commended by our Council for all she has done and continues to do to raise consciousness about disability issues.

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