CfDC Minutes — October 1, 2014

Attending: Jack Bernard (Chair); Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator); Bob Fraser; Jane Vincent; Sally Hart Petersen; PF Anderson; El Nieuwenhuijsen; Carole Duritsky; Debra Hutton (welcome!); Tracy Wright; Sue Bade; Christina Wackenheim (welcome!); Erin Lauridsen; Jamie Mayo; Bonnie Dede (welcome!); Trisha Paul (welcome!); Phil Larson.

Presentation and description of her book by Trisha Paul

Chronicling Childhood Cancer: A Collection of Personal Stories by Children and Teens with Cancer »

Q&A; suggestions about Twitter, next steps, value in medical education for both professionals and patients and parents; i-book; discussion on what the Council can do currently to feature individuals with disabilities along lines of video made years ago: "And You Can Quote Me on That "

Jane added information about her own presentation at the Diversity Committee of Business and Finance.

Presentation about value of swimming and water exercise by Christina Wackenheim, Waterfront Coordinator of the AA YMCA: how aquatics help both physically and mentally. Distributed Y flyer with further information about Y resources. Discussion about possibility of special rates for those with physical challenges who cannot use the entirety of Y equipment (Jack will advocate).

Anna distributed information about Investing in Ability, which starts today with Ari Weinzweig speaking about hope (AADL on 5th Ave. at 7 pm).

Discussion of AirRide change of boarding site. Lawsuit re: violation of ADA—in the court. Jason Turkish is attorney. No further information right now. We will let you know of any updates.

40th Anniversary of SSD all-day conference on Oct 17th. Registration and details »

Jack encouraged all to attend the James T. Neubacher Award Ceremony, a unique and lovely occasion, on October 24th at 9:30 in the Rackham Assembly Hall. He stressed that if a student is the recipient of the Award, this reveals how much that student has accomplished in a short time and the recipient also has valuable insights to impart. Patricia seconded this, saying the Lloyd Shelton gave an "amazing!" presentation on September 15th. (I shall send video as I receive it; it is being prepared/captioned). He will speak on the topic of the intersection of diversity and disability, which should be of interest to us all.

Lloyd has established a FaceBook site for Students with Disabilities and Our Allies that is well worth checking out and adding information to.

Please attend our Investing in Ability events whenever you can. Support your Council for Disability Concerns!!!