CfDC Minutes — March 4, 2015

Attending: Carly Schlutterer; Seong-Hee Yoon; Christa Moran; Darlene Nichols; Laura White; Bonnie Dede; Janet Keller; Jack Bernard (Chair); Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator); Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Erin Elly; Bob Fraser; Jill Rice; Sally Lindsley; Sturt Segal; Lloyd Shelton; Sue Wortman.



Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living is celebrating its Annual Gala Benefit on Saturday, Mary 14th from 5:30 to 9:30 pm in the Atrium of the U-M Biomedical Science Research Building at 109 Zina Pitcher Place. Please join the CIL for dinner, dessert, silent and live auctions, music. For information, tickets, to request accommodations and to volunteer: or email: or call (734) 971-0277 ext 38. Sign language interpreters will be present. Flyer was distributed to all.

The Team: Working Collaboratively, a national conference to be held on May 15–17 and hosted by U-M Health System for Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (including students who plan to work in the field, practicing health professionals, medical interpreters). For more information:; For other accommodations, please contact Christa Moran at

Els announced that she would be giving a presentation at the Graduate Library Gallery on March 10th at 1:30. Everyone is welcome (light refreshments available) The topic will be WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health : Here is the presentation announcement:

Anna announced that the theme of this year’s Investing in Ability is “Resisting Stigma, Stereotypes, and Bullying.” Several lecturers have already been scheduled and the program is still under construction. Additional ideas and volunteers always welcome.

Dr. Robert Sellers, UM VP of Diversity and Inclusion will be visiting our Council in May. President Schlissel is concerned about disability issues (as he mentioned at President’s Leadership Breakfast). A conversation is starting about captioning new videos everywhere on campus in light of the lawsuits vs MIT and Harvard (Taubman Health Sciences Library has worked to spread the word to the medical area).

Attached is a form from the Partners in Personal Assistance describing their Gala Dinner to be held at Weber’s Inn on April 15th (please note revised deadline date of March 20th). They are seeking sponsors.

“To celebrate our ‘sweet sixteen’ (we were founded in 1999), and our national CARF accreditation (received August 2014), PPA will hold a Gala Dinner on April 17, 2015 at Weber’s Inn. We would be honored to have your support as a sponsor of this event. Participants will enjoy good food along with music by Double Play, a unique and some might say whimsical flute and tuba duo, including one musician who is blind. Our guest speaker is Ms. Geri Taekens, author and psychotherapist who is also blind.”

Stuart mentioned that there is a house available for rent on Old West Side that has accessibility features for someone who has mobility impairment. Contact Stuart at SSD if interested.

Topics of discussions

Medical school admission still has restrictions (Bob read requirements aloud); as technology advances, standards will change, too.

New sidewalk snow clearing rules (conversation began at last meeting with Linda Diane Feldt) show concern for disability.

Accessibility of software, e.g., e-books. Vendors do not focus on accessibility. Automatic captioning will improve eventually. Captioning not just for deaf but also helpful for hard of hearing and for others (universal design type-of-thing); aggregators don't require accessibility of publishers, although there should be core standards for accessibility. Products and services should either start out as accessible or have ability to include accessibility features.

New graduate housing, Munger Hall has accessible spaces inherent in design.

Elevators are now automatically installed in multistory buildings, which is now the expected process. Maybe other accessible features will come to be expected, as well.