CfDC Minutes — May 6, 2015

Attending: Attending: Special Guest Robert Sellers, Seong-Hee Yoon, Ross Ellis, Bonnie Dede, Linda Evans, Jill A. Rice, Jack Bernard (Chair), Jane Vincent, Lloyd Shelton, Mary Reilly, Suzanne Bade, Stuart Segal, Randi Johnson, Susan Barnes, Janet Kellet, Bob Fraser, Carol Dubritsky, Jim Eng, Will Leaf, Erin Elly, Eleanor Linn, Darlene Nichols, Joan E. Smith, Patricia Anderson, Sharon Pederson, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator).


A2 City Council looking into a transition from Select Carrier to Blue Cab.

No one at North Terminal DTW airport could provide Jack information about Air Ride, the disability transportation. Airport seems to be ignoring the issue. Jack finally found the AATA symbol, smallish in size, in the “Shuttles” area. Others talk about their challenges.

Anna passed around a drinking brochure and a suicide prevention brochure.

Quick introductions.

Dr. Robert Sellers. Charles D Moody College Professor of Psychology, Professor of Psychology, LSA, Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion and Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost & Exec VP for Academic Affairs, Faculty Associate, RCGD, ISR & Professor of Education, School of Education

  • The diversity strategic planning process, the first ever, is being initiated at the Ann Arbor campus.
  • This planning process is attempting to be as open and accessible as possible.
  • This is to be a University-wide process. Every unit is to invite every constituency to contribute to these plans. Then move to what we as a University needs to do to support the success of every person (F/S/S) who comes to the University. This is how we get the University's plan.
  • Not a competition for different voices (race, gender, disability, etc.).
  • Our U structure has lots of plusses by being decentralized, but it makes it more difficult to make sweeping changes. Many groups support the needs. Coordinating this effort is a gargantuan task. Making opportunities for organic relationships to develop in an effort to build a sense of community.
  • Dearborn and Flint have opted not to be part of this process. On the radar to meet with the IE officers of all three campuses. Has met with the two chancellors and received a “mixed” response.
  • Issue raised of many silos with different units more or less receptive to funding disability support. Is there a discussion about central funding for this support. Average accommodation costs $500 per disability accommodation. At one point, a central fund for students and employees and still exists. Extraordinarily successful for students; employees less so. Enables us to accept students without thinking about the disability support costs. Carole D. was unaware of the fund. (Ten years as ADA coordinator.) This is funded by the Provost's office and Student Life. All needs are covered, although major questions exist whether employees are still covered through this fund.
  • The University has lots of tactics and can be poor on strategy.
  • Suggestion for a single primary resource web page. Currently there are multiple pages.
  • Most students think of physical disabilities. But how to have a general positive culture that includes folks with all sorts of disabilities.
  • We need to embrace what diversity actually means. If we make the argument that diversity is key to our mission, we have to think about way to empower individuals to engage a diverse University. Many coming to the Univerrsity with a homogenous background community. So much needs to be taught on how to be effective in a heterogenous environment. Respect ideas even when you disagree. Learning how to be inoffensive to others with whom one disagrees. How to teach in a diverse classroom. Often it is ignorance and not intent on the part of the offender. We can do things to move us toward respect and openness to others' experiences and life-knowledge and the existence of diversity alone is insufficient.
  • Anna Schnitzer: Investing in Ability: Resisting Stigmatizing, Stereotyping, and Bullying.
  • Rob Sellers: Diversity Summit in October.
  • Request for coordination of the two activities.