CfDC Minutes — July 1, 2015

Attending: Patricia Anderson, Joan E. Smith, Janelle Peters, Pat Spriggel, Charlotte O’Connor, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Jill A. Rice, Paige Cederna, Anel Britt, Bob Fraser, Erica Trani, Jane Vincent, Jim Eng, Tracy Wright, Virginia Grubaugh, Brandon Werner, Debra Hutton, Janet Keller, Sharon Pederson, Lloyd Shelton, Erin Elly, Seong Hee Yoon, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer.

(Profuse thanks to Bob Fraser for these minutes!)

Chair Jack Bernard was absent. Anna Schnitzer was acting chair and did her usual marvelous job.


A. Primary topic: Transitional employment program at “Fresh Start ClubHouse.”

Supportive program to help folks transition back into employment. Community center run by and for people with severe mental illness. Fact sheet and brochure distributed. International movement. “Psychosocial rehabilitation facilities,” “ClubHouse, International” now has over 300 sites worldwide with 44 in Michigan. Social support network, housing and numerous other integrated services, including “TE” or transitional employment. Currently work with three employers in the Ann Arbor area. (T.J. Maxx, Old Navy & a small pizza/mexican restaurant.) TE builds experience for those who have gaps in their employment history because of mental illness. Some part time positions are supported / dependent (SE = supportive employment) and some members transition to independent work. (TE, SE & IE). ClubHouse will fill in for a TE position when a person is absent. Part-time, per diem positions are typically exempt from union exclusions.

This is the first meeting ClubHouse has had with the UM. Government now encourages employers to hire 7% of employees with some disability.

All funding comes from CSTS (Community Support and Treatment Services) referrals, an arm of Medicare. One additional fundraiser is UM Football parking. All members have been referred from CSTS.

Accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) (excellent credibility) and Clubhouse International. The CARF accreditation will be influential with UM for opening doors.

Dearborn has a new site supported by Access Hope.

B. Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP)

24% of UM students met the criteria for substance abuse.
National movement to provide support and safe place for students in recovery in balance with student life.

Affiliation support, informational support, instrumental support (safe place), emotional support. Biggest thing CDFC can do is spread the word.

Dr. Winfield envisions “sober housing.” CRP offered a floor in Bates, but was not accepted. What is needed more is a safe place.

Patricia Anderson: Arbor Opera Theater had a new opera with a theme of a mentally ill person. Aria called “Shake your stigma.”


Anna’s thoughts as additions to above:

What can we do to help these two wonderful initiatives? Spread the word! Find contacts and collaborative partners that may be helpful to the Fresh Start ClubHouse with its Transitional Employment. Help with finding a larger safe space for the Collegiate Recovery Program.

I will be sending out additional flyers/brochures when I receive them. Meanwhile, attached is the flyer I just received from CIL.

More info about the two programs: Collegiate Recovery Program »