CfDC Minutes — September 2, 2015

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Coordinator; Bonnie Dede; Jane Vincent; Scott Williams; Debra Hutton; Stephanie Rosen' Brandon Werner; Jeff Witt; PF Anderson; Ariel Britt; Darlene Nichols; Joan E. Smith: Anna Chen; Jake Rainey;Paul Guttman; Yumi Taguchi; Melanie Nau; Janet Keller; Susan Barnes; Russ Ellis

Introductions were made.


Anna spoke about October Investing in Ability events (rough draft enclosed) with flyers to be ready for distribution soon. Jack reminded members to attend events "and bring a friend." Theme is: Stigma, Stereotypes, and Bullying.

Ariel informed the Council that September is Substance Abuse Recovery month, and that she will be speaking at the White House panel, which will be live-streamed.

Scott explained the the Accessibility Summit will be a 2 day event, and 100 people are already subscribed.

Jack reported that CIL, MPVA, etc. have lodged a lawsuit about accessibility regarding Michigan transportation, etc. in the area.

Patricia explained that the Pedestrian Safety Report has been prepared and is ready for a vote by City Council, with snow removal, etc.

Russ talked about the app for the accessibility map, which was appreciated by OT and PT's he works with.


Three representatives from Active Minds (Anna, Yumi, and Jake) told the Council about their organization with its goal focused on ways to destigmatize mental illness and prevent suicide

They mentioned speaker events:

  • cognitive psychologist, Daniel Porter, research on empathy
  • recovery, alcohol/substance abuse, depression

They raised money by bake sales, had a Jump Start grant; received funding from Central Student Government

They conducted a social media campaign about eating disorders

They described stress-less weeks

  • DIY stress balls (balloon + flour)
  • pamphlets & fliers

Send Silence Packing

Active Minds Facebook page

University of Michigan Depression Center

New York Times article

Policy barriers to returning to education after mental illness (Penn State)


Funding via George Orley Memorial Fund

"If you go to the dictionary and look up the word 'decentralized', you will see a block-M there" (source: Jack)

Additional comments about silos in our decentralized atmosphere

  • Places to leave handouts
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Faculty outreach & education

5,000 faculty

"standard syllabus language" in Faculty Handbook, CRLT

It is worthwhile to engage Housing staff to keep a look out for students who are having mental health issues

Messages can be placed on bulletin boards in residence halls providing resources

Debra Hutton added information about event at Dearborn:

QPR - question, persuade, refer:

Ms. Hutton has Powerpoint for training

To improve attendance, there were enticements

  • asked psych professors to give extra credit for attendance
  • free pizza

Vicky Hayes, Todd Selvig can be helpful

New model of placing counselors (social workers, psychologists) in departments/colleges, embedded model

What about high rate of Korean student suicides on campus?

SSD - Student Advisory Board

most students don't know they can get accommodations

student group tried to do presentation, forbidden

Athletes Connected

Investing in Ability's Panel of Active Minds will take place in GL Gallery at noon followed (back-to-back?) by panel of CAPS/MHealthy/FASAP team on Oct 27th, probably as a TED-style talk



We Make Health Fest is back this year.

We are looking for people to present or show off projects in a booth. We would really like to highlight or profile the work of people from the broader CfDC community. Please consider sending in a proposal or suggesting participation to your friends. Perhaps the AXS-Map project? Spread the word! You can see the sort of things people did last year at the web site.

We are also seeking funding, since last year we had a grant to support the event, and this year we don't. Ideas welcome!

(Thanks to Patricia for taking notes during the meeting.)