CfDC Minutes — November 4, 2015

Present: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer serving as chair in Jack Bernard's absence; Patricia F. Anderson; Lisa Clark; Jill Rice; Bonnie Dede; Russ Ellis; Joan E. Smith; Brandon Werner; Scott Williams; Donna Omichinski; Randi Johnson; Tracy Wright; Joelle Fundaro (Welcome, Joelle!); Natalie Nordby. Chen (Welcome, Natalie!); Janet Keller; Bob Fraser; Phil Larsen; Stephanie Rosen; Lloyd Shelton.

Introductions were made.


  • Rebecca Alexander will be reading from her book at Literati Book Store on 11/6 at 8 pm (Joni).
  • Orientation mobility will be rolled out at WISD and also with Leader Dogs (Russ).
  • Career panel for persons with disabilities will be held in Hatcher Gallery on 11/6, from 4–5pm. All welcome (Joelle).
  • Group of students with disabilities and their allies will meet next week (Lloyd). Fill in poll to indicate best date for meeting.
  • Teleconference to UM–Dearborn worked out better this year and will improve even more next year; sound was built into room for 2 events and PowerPoint slides sent in advance. Debra H advertised well with trifolds and banners (Bob).
  • Storification of the Impact of Language, Stereotypes, and Discrimination at Investing in Ability (profuse thanks to Patricia!). 100 people attended (total of Ann Arbor and Dearborn).


Purpose and mission of Council. We want to have ADA built into our culture without having to push for sensitivity to it; de-stigmatizing; educating.

Captioning, necessity for deaf community; UMHS working on it.

ESL: Instant captioning for heavy accented English (Dragon Naturally Speaking).

Teleconferencing with BlueJeans. Can we have phone conference for meetings?

Developmental disabilities—medical caretakers don’t know what they don't know; medical transition of patients from pediatric to adolescent to adult. (Donna)

Resource: Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology. “The DO-IT Center is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. It promotes awareness and accessibility—in both the classroom and the workplace—to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities and make our communities more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.”

Individuals with autism would benefit from concrete directions. Virtual reality can be used to train individuals for real-life challenges. (Bob)

Advocacy for disability panel consisting of CIL representative, Anna, Complex Cases unit representative invited by Dr. Sonya Miller of PM&R/Rehab (Anna).

Army-Navy Wheelchair Game was spectacular. See snapchat story » and Veterans Week is now coming up with a number of interesting events (Phil): Details »