CfDC Minutes — April 7, 2016

Attending: Bob, Bonnie, Christa, Susan, Janet, Jim, Donna, Gus, Christina, Paul, and Anna, serving as chair in Jack's absence

Members briefly introduced themselves.


An open discussion centered around resources and services needed at UM Hospital, particularly with respect to the deaf-blind population, including accessibility, mobility, Braille on call devices, etc. The thrust of the discussion focused on missing pieces of information for this particular community and also for newly diagnosed patients at Kellogg. There are tools from OT/PT, the Lions Club, National Federation of the Blind, and the Helen Keller Institute that these patients often are ignorant of. Also, the possibility of obtaining a service dog is often not taken advantage of. The suggestion was that there be a more formal protocol for these populations, whether at the Hospital or in the UM Clinics. There is no social worker specifically for Kellogg, although there is a practice kitchen and various adaptive tools that could be used for patients to practice with. Lag time for the state assistance stepping in was reported. Further discussion concerned the the patient clearinghouse, perhaps to be eventually matched with MIChart so that physicians can be linked to it. ADA compliance should be incorporated. Right now, transition between various health units is not ideal and services should be more clearly identified and promoted to patients. Since there are a number of accessibility and coordination issues in medical care, perhaps the Council could be instrumental in establishing a protocol or a pilot program (readmission to the hospital has costs to the hospital now, per government rules). Christa and Gus conferred further on these topics, and Gus will write up the draft of a plan.

Donna mentioned that we should check out the UM Patient Education Clearinghouse.


An M+Box for the Council storage of such resources was suggested, although that device may limit use by non-affiliates. We will check on which storage technique is best for the Council members. Other possibilities are DropBox and Google Drive.

RE: Michigan Flyer/Air Ride bus service from E. Lansing and Ann Arbor to Metro Airport: A letter was issued which stated: McNamara Terminal Drop-offs – When the vehicle enters the Airport, the driver should announce the following to his or her passengers: “Passengers with a disability or needing extra time or assistance may remain onboard with their travel companions and be dropped off closer to the terminal.”

Paul called our attention to upcoming plans for transportation in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, including light rail in several phases, regional initiatives, and the UM bus garage.

Christina reported on the Depression on College Campus Mental Health Monologues that have the goal to reduce or remove stigma about mental health issues.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments on any of the above issues.