CfDC Minutes — May 4, 2016

Attending: Jack, Gerald, Bonnie, Russ, Brandon, Sue, Donna, Bob, Amy, Ellen, Natalie, Janet, Matt, Laura, Phil, Paul, Lloyd, Gale, Joni, Anthony, Stephanie, Jane, Christina, Els, Jim, Anna.

Introductions were made.


  • Jack offered kudos to Jane for Accessibility in Digital Environments--panel
  • Anna highlighted video on accessibility by 4 UM students, likened to a Rosetta Stone.
  • Brandon reported UM buses now declare approach/stops: automated announcements
  • Lloyd reported on Ohio conference: intersectionality
  • Sue asked whether a whole department can be nominated for Neubacher (buses)
  • Gerald described Saline wheelchair basketball event as successful beyond belief
  • Suggestion for inviting Kevin of Special Ed in Saline to talk to Council, "RESPECT"
  • Jack said “don’t be afraid of offending—don’t be the gag but speak out”
  • Jim reported special ed election passed by 60%


Russ discussed progress with OT and differences in various local areas (Kellogg/Mott/UH) working with visual impairment. Students from Mich Assoc Rehab Blind will be coming to UM. Issues with multi-problem children (autistic/long waits/many tests) Need to communicate and centralize between groups/depts. He will send feedback to Anna. MIChart problems with small font. Could there be a concierge approach? What about Complex Care Systems for outpatients? Functional assessments. For consumer feedback need to know issue/information provided/resolution (where/how)

Christa had mentioned deaf-blind lacking appropriate accessible resources at UH.

Gale reported that a new social worker coming aboard Kellogg soon.

Amy reported no write-up report to parents unless requested. Long wait is nightmare for parents. Kellogg has consultation room at UH.

Council can dedicate time to more of this discussion later in year.

Our history has been effective over the years in bringing attention to various disability issues by colloquy of volunteers with various areas of expertise.

Sue mentioned that we need to know outcomes of what we discuss and need to interface with UH leadership (Gerald and Anna happen to belong to DEI’s Patients and Families group of OHEI)

Amy reported that VISIONS conference will be held at WCC on May 11th and several of us will be there


Ellen spoke highly of Leila Smoke from Henry Ford Low Vision Clinic.

Our next meeting will be on June 1st. Please stay tuned and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.