CfDC Minutes — June 1, 2016

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer serving as chair and scribe; Jane Vincent; Joan E. Smith; Brad Eberbach; Matt Holliday; Christina Kline; Sherry Day, OD/KEC; Stephanie Rosen; Randi Johnson; Paul Guttman; Jayne Choi; Stuart Segal; Scott Williams; Sally Lindsley; Christa Moran; Seong Hee Yoon; Janet Keller.

Introductions were made.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Justin Schell and Ben Howell.


Peonies now in bloom at Arboretum

Michigan Flyer/Air Ride: Anna got off at “special stop” without any advance reservation or any trouble—much preferable to “regular stop” at Metro McNamara Terminal.

James T. Neubacher Award nominations should be in by June 4th (fill in form or send directly to schnitzr at; event is a lovely one that all are urged to attend

"Ann Arbor Observer' article on accessibility/disability in Ann Arbor (copies of June issue were distributed).

Jane: Reported on the SI poster on how to prepare for an event that is accessible and welcomes everyone (copies were distributed).


Justin and Ben reported on Design Lab at Shapiro with circulation of tactile map of Diag, etc.; they also listed several projects re: wayfinding, signage, recording and video editing with accessibility/sustainability/amount of control desired, games; experiments with types of printers, etc. They are eager to find out how people get around in the library. Perhaps there could be a signal in Shapiro to orient people who are visually impaired (Jim Knox once set up a similar system--nobody kept track of it, unfortunately).

Brad requested collaboration with Engineering and North Campus, which is on the roster to occur in the future.

Paul then described completely renovated and accessible IM Sports Building with a fully accessible, high tech, tactile display, wayfinding machine expected soon; this will have most up-to-date technology available (and although expensive, it will pay for itself!) and will be “a view into the future.”

Discussion of Kellogg’s low vision support group and advent of social worker (we will invite her when we find out her name and contact information). Sherry Day explained some aspects of Kellogg/Ophthy clinics. She said that Russ will be certified in OT. There can be clinic to clinic referrals at Kellogg and we are welcome to also refer individuals to the Low Vision Rehabilitation Services (734 764 5106). Patients have to be legally blind to use certain services, however.

Christa mentioned the deaf-blind gap.

Ben announced the existence of an accessibility lunch (we can get on mailing list) with students describing projects, where Braille falls short, etc.

Stuart said that it is “nice to be recognized” as a university that is tops in disability rankings and that this is an indication of the state of the field; there should be no sense of complacency but we can leverage this, we hope, and rise to even higher levels. We will advise students of this ranking honor in the fall (Sue Bade’s suggestion). Although some students connected with SSD have graduated, there will still be over 2,000 in the fall with the incoming group, the number having doubled through the years.

Lloyd announced that Dr. Robert Adams will chair UMiNDS in the absence of Petra Kuppers next year (she is traveling around the world with her dance group). A yearly symposium is planned.

Scott reported that there was an ADA Compliance audit in OIE with final report not yet in.

Although the meeting was dismissed a little early, very few people actually left the room right away, because a lively discussion with networking and exchange of cards (and ideas) ensued. It was remarked that the early adjournment gave members a change to interact and plan to collaborate in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the above notes (and if you want to be added to the Council mailing list—if you are not already on it). Don’t forget—everyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings, whether or not a U-M affiliate. We are INCLUSIVE!