CfDC Minutes — July 11, 2016

In attendance: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (chairing); Margaret Ehinger; Brandon Werner; Jane Vincent; Patricia Anderson; Bonnie Dede; Scott Williams; Deborah Trimble; Laura Kruger; Christina Kline; Tracy Wright; Janet Keller; Michael Nolte; Susan Barnes; Ben Howell; Joelle Fundaro; Paul Guttman Sue Bade; Clarissa Love; Brad Ebenhoeh; Phil Larson; Stuart Segal.

Introductions: Welcome, Everyone!


Paul described capabilities of Sign and Graphics Dept in Plant and passed around tactile wayfinding prototype with potential to add ADA compliant information.

Christina described sidewalk decals (Kipke/Green area) as one-time-only event for Bicentennial.


Clarissa reported on modified unified DEI plan for UMHS that she is responsible for writing. PM&R has had aggressive leading role that includes learning disabilities as well as physical challenges. Hiring diverse individuals in equitable fashion, eliminating stereotypes about disability also part of program. Please send your Ideas and resources to Clarissa ($5000 innovative grants to be awarded). Disability voice should be LOUD. Ombudsperson position will be created. Communication important. Examples of problems: Radiology changing rooms; radio dials missing/uneven sizes. All this has impact on staff/faculty/students/patients. Timelines given to present to Executive Committee (not just Deans, also staff) for review on August 6th, with submission on September 4, with October 4th rollout deadline.

Council to write letter (motion made/seconded) that each UMHS department should be responsible for accommodations for special needs.

Brad: North Campus needs more/better accommodations.

Jane reported that old CIC is now called Big 10 Academic Alliance. She and Brandon are compiling a vendor cookbook for accessibility in e-products (URL will be sent out later). She reported that a UM committee has been formed to create a guide to making meetings accessible and welcoming to all. Pilot for staff will be at Bicentennial. Also, there is a multi-campus initiative that she is involved with (initiated by Indiana University) re: Canvas accessibility. She and Scott are revising "voluntary product access template," with intent of removing the "voluntary".

Sue asked about ITS vs MCIT. Question about all the clicking necessary for MiChart used in UMHS leading to overuse (ergonomic) issues.

Brandon discussed issues with accessibility (Canvas and Google), e.g., new release changes not communicated, calendar not truly accessible. He described some workarounds, CPU performance requirements for accessibility, keyboard shortcuts. If we can document problems and also provide ticket to ITS for corrections, that will help improve accessibility.

Scott reported on presenting at CSUN conference on accessibility, talked about study of Canvas, mentioned that some systems being too screen-reader-centric. He heads UM input to ATHEN Canvas group. Scott's "mini-rant" concerned the new ADA regulations being lobbied against for financial reasons (not attending to civil rights); met Google liaison and described difficulties UM prof was having


Stuart asked about accessibility of e-books. Both text and conduit for delivery have to be accessible.