CfDC Minutes — September 7, 2016

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (serving as Chair/Scribe in the absence of Jack Bernard); Ashley Howson; Miho Ito_Navarro; Donna Ominchinski; Cathy Koyanagi (CA); Justin Schell; Lisa Clark; Joelle Fundaro; Dan Rabosky; Sally Lindsley; Brandon Werner; Bonnie Dede; Bob Fraser; Joan E. Smith; Janet Keller; Christa Moran

Introductions were made all around.


  • Accessibility Summit at UM now in progress; slides will be made available for those who registered
  • Small grants available for app/game/innovative technology (check with Donna of Rehabilitation Technology for details)
  • Paralympics going on now in Rio (recommend Canadian station for better watching)
  • School of Ed/SSW sponsoring Dan Habib and Janice Fialka on 9/9 from noon to 4pm.
  • Joelle described 3 initiatives re: employment for students (campus-wide); check with Joelle for details.
  • Justin described special projects providing skills for students who want to work in library; he also told about use of former vending machine (see separate note from Justin)
  • CA talked about Blindness Awareness Month and search for suitable venue; she also mentioned wanting to set up a Toastmasters organization for individuals with disabilities
  • Miho being onboard is a wonderful asset to Kellogg patients. Further discussion on Kellogg Eye Center when Russ returns from internship. Resources for deaf-blind and low vision individuals to be collected by key players
  • Anna described Army-Navy Wheelchair Basketball Game on Oct 9 at 2 (all free and very festive!) and other events coming up for October’s Investing in Ability, including Neubacher Ceremony on Oct 26th
  • CA talked about safety and comfort in Paratransit
  • Donna suggested touching base with Parent and Family Center (inviting rep?)
  • Christa described session exposing early medical students to culture of interpreters and patients who need them, e.g., what it’s like to be a patient with disability
  • Next month’s meeting may include Jane Vincent’s report on accessibility and inclusion for participants in meetings on campus (check list, etc.)
  • Please let me know if I missed or misstated any points in the minutes above and I will make additions/corrections. Thanks!