CfDC Minutes — October 5, 2016

Present: Jack, Anna, Patricia, Cathy-Alice, Kathleen, Gerald, Lisa, Jane, Brandon, Joni, Donna Bonnie, Carolyn, Larissa, Tracy, Stephanie, Matt, John, Anthony, Kevin, Bob, Christa, Else, Russ, Dan, Sue, Christina

Introductions were made around the table


Cathy announced interest in establishing Toastmasters Club and needing a space.

Russ reported on his OT/Pt State recognition with only paperwork to be finished at hospital and Kellogg.

Christina mentioned the President Schlissel DEI convocation on Oct 6 at 9 am with many other related events to follow.

Anna spoke about Active Minds panel with stories by students on Oct 7 at 1 (or 1:30) in the GL Gallery.

Jack described the Berkeley problem (bad news for online accessibility) but good news for U-M to be surveyed for disabilities (all campus); definition of disability needed; anonymized.


Stephanie described 10 tips for accessible meetings. Stay tuned for final online version.

John and his team of design scientists (“studies world as we make it”) explained integration of social dynamics—with technology and with other people, design process to meet actual needs, qualitative research, prototype fabrication. Sociology identifies core values and then products that meet needs can be devised.

Feedback given by members: wheelchairs in snow/ice, etc.

John and team looking for feedback from Council members, handed out “homework.”

Courses (Mech 455 and Design Science 501) occur every semester and becoming more and more popular so students seeking projects.