CfDC Minutes — November 2, 2016

Attending: Jack Bernard (Chair), Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinator/Scribe), Jill Rice, Jane Vincent, Lisa Clark, Evan James Copeland, Dianna Woods, Christina Kline, Emma Flors-Scott, Donna Omichinski, Tracy Wright, Darlene Nichols, Mina Ajam, Latisha Cunningham, Sally Lindsley, Bradley Ebenhoeh, Cindy Ebenhoeh, Chun-Han Chen and Mom, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Lloyd Shelton, Tracy Wright, Janet Keller

Introductions and Announcements

  • Future of Library (11/9) event coming up
  • Knox Fund—ShowCase Sales will contribute differences re: rounding off purchases (Jack says purchase everything separately).
  • RTA (Regional Transportation) on ballot for travel in SE Michigan area outside AA
  • Some states have changed voting after vote
  • Great Dermatology experience at UMHS; staff specialist in skin of color added
  • Bentley Library will maintain Neubacher records (2011 on)
  • DISABILITY added as tag to Happening@UMICH events


Presentation by Clarissa Love, Project Co-Director of Disability Subcommittee: Council collaborating with UMHS; recommendations by January to 13 U-M leaders. Goal to eliminate silos with big push to do interprofessional collaboration at UMHS. Will be called AMC (Academic Medical Center); new hospital to be built on grass.