CfDC Minutes — December 6, 2016

Next Council meeting will again be held in LSA Room 2001 and will be on Tuesday (again to be held in LSA Room 2001) January 10th. Happy Holidays!

Attending: Jack, Anna, Bonnie, Janet, Susan, Alanna, Lorrie, Kathleen, Cathy, Mina Darlene, Joyojeet, Christina, Scott, Jane, Matt, Jim, Ben, and student presenters Jasmine and Navdeep from SI Prof Pal's class.

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Jack: The disability/accessibility workshop: visually-impaired poet/guest Stephen being refused cab ride from airport because of service dog. Users at workshop agreed that main point is to start effort toward accessibility and not to stop once started but doesn't have to be perfect.

Anna: Russ Ellis wrote that Lions is providing white canes with which to leave Kellogg after dx of new onset blindness. He will be available at Low Vision Clinic to address mobility issues, and he will update us about efforts after January.

Anna: Volunteers sought to join Council Subcommittee charged with UMHS disability issues. First meeting will be on Tuesday, December 13, at 1 pm (until 2:30) in Multipurpose Room of Taubman Health Sciences Library. Clarissa Love and Michelle Meade are co-chairs of subcommittee. Questions to

Cathy: Suggested shining spotlight on heroes of disability issues to be written up regularly in local student or other paper.

Ben: Looking for focus group for usability research: Would anyone know of any faculty or staff with disabilities who are willing to meet in the next 3 weeks (at the location of their work) to sit down for 30-40 minutes to walk through a few activities using this software? Is looking for participants who have one or more of the following roles: Researcher / Faculty;Research Assistant;Archivist;Repository Technician Ben can be reached at:

Prof Joyjeet Pal's School of Information Class project

Enhanced accessibility for museums presented by Jasmine Walker, Navdeep Bagga

This project presented evaluation of the current accessibility features and limitations at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. They are also aware of research from other museums' services for people with disabilities to suggest way to enhance museum accessibility. Powerpoint slides revealed roblems encountered and solutions offered. Additional discussion: Museums have been struggling with accessibility for years but have made considerable progress. Smart phone features are huge help.Beacon (bluetooth) as part of UMNH solution. Font on displays should be bigger. Braille should be Grade 1.

General Discussion: Technology helps tremendously but is not "all you need" and sometimes too complicated causing new problems. Two risks: Creators of one feature worry that they could be sued in area they have not worked on. Thinking and fear that more disabled people will come if more accessibility provided (although no bad intentions).

Other events related to disability that you may be interested in:

College of Engineering Design Expo--(John Meluso and colleagues who presented at our meeting remind us):
Thursday, December 8th
12pm - 4pm
North Campus

And for M4U and the indiGo Brake specifically GG Brown Laboratory Room 1510, 2350 Hayward St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 We've confirmed that the event will be accessible and that there's a group responsible for signage which includes disability accommodations. There's an accessible entrance on Hayward St. that I'd recommend using because of its proximity to our room, though you'll find accessible entrances on nearly every side of the building. You'll find more information about the event on the Design Expo website along with project descriptions.

Lisa Green forwarded this information: UM Disability Studies Group: Post-Election and End-of-Semester Discussion on Friday 12/9 at 4:10 pm in Angel Hall 3241 to generate dialog regarding election and recent political events. RSVP by 12/7 with any dietary preferences to Crystal Yin Lie (