CfDC Minutes — February 7, 2017

Attending: Jack, Anna, Jane, Brandon, Jill, Cathy-Alice, Kathleen, Zack, Deirdre, Renee, Dianna, Carolyn, Tracy, Scott, Walt, Kobe, Patricia, Janet, Susan, Bonnie, Nabeela, Donna, Mina, Stephanie, Parisa.

Introductions were made all around.


  • Carolyn: CIL Gala Evening to Remember on 3/11 at 6 pm at Taubman Biomedical Science Research Building; register for the gala
  • Jane: Those who have temporary disabilities and their difficulty with transportation were mentioned in Michigan Daily. Many students don’t know available services. More publicity needed. We will discuss further in March.
  • Donna: Passed around small grant information—engineering rehab assists for disability
  • Anna: Map of GL Gallery distributed)—accessible route via 2nd floor rather than via direct inside ramp. Breaking news about captioning tv in all AA City public spaces (read and approved at AA Council.
  • Jack: Attorney Jason Turkish still working on Michigan Flyer/Detroit Metro Airport case.
  • Cathy-Alice: Praised CIL Disability Awareness Workshops, For 4th graders covering all disabilities. Need 15-20 volunteers for 3 or 3.5 hours.


  • Deirdre Hirschtritt has worked with Stephanie to create a toolkit for accessible instruction; it will be ready in May and she will send it to us. 1)Best (or "effective"--geared toward individual) practices; 2)observation checklist (pair with a colleague); 3) selected articles with discussion questions; 4)resource list for deep dive. Asked what is missing? Challenge of disclosure; All syllabi could have standard language statement; friendly PDFs; note taking & sharing; faculty awareness; faculty role; librarian’s role; built-in accessibility language in library course session form.
  • Parisa Soraya explained creating an app called “Find Your Ditto” about connecting persons with disabilities with peer support who has matching disability, including invisible disabilities. 90% match rate with 100 adoptees of program. Discussion of how isolation can lead to poor health outcomes. Discussion about precautions to be taken because of possibility of malfeasance. Expansion to broader health care from in-person meeting but not replacing professional supports.
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