CfDC Minutes — March 7, 2017

Attending: Donna Omichinski, Bonnie Dede, Scott Williams, Brandon Werner, Christina Kline, Jim Eng, Matt Holliday, Janet Keller, Stephanie Rosen, Nabeela Jaffer, Dianna Woods, Laura Murphy, Kathleen Morzak Betts, Jack Bernard, Ben Howell.

Introductions were made all around.


  • The Investing in Ability series is in October. This is the bicentennial year, we will have a lot of other presentations as well. Please send email to Anna for any suggestions, questions or comments.
  • The gala for Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living is on Saturday, March 11, 6pm. It is a good place to invest small amount for a good cause
  • Office of Equity is looking for a new director. [Ed. note: Pam Heatlie has since been appointed director.] It would be good for the council to stay in touch with the OIE. Scott and Christina will have the opportunity to meet with the candidates and brief them about the work of Disability Council. OIE interacts with the University on civil rights issues, including disability. What we can do is to provide inspiration to others. We are being good citizens if we lend a helping hand to others. There are lots of things demanding OIE‘s attention.


  • Presentation from Laura, CEO & co-founder of Adapt:
    Primarily designs wheelchairs.
    Disability does not discriminate, it can affect anybody.
    They build out prototypes and test it with users.
    Plan is to scale the work to go on to bigger level.
  • Questions/Comments:
    How do you make the technologies affordable?
    Some products can work with walkers.
    The designs can work for power wheelchairs as well.
    Canada might be better market due to their Federal programs.