CfDC Minutes — April 4, 2017

Attending: Present: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, presiding as chair in Jack Bernard's absence; Brendon Werner, Patricia Anderson, Suzanne Bade, Mina Ajam, Cathy-Alice Kyanagi, James Eng, Dianna Woods, Ellen Stross, Russ Ellis, Donna Omichinski, Ben Howell, Renee Saulter, Susan Strickland, Janet Keller, and Kathleen Mozak-Betts.

And special thanks to our Special Guests: Khodar Farhat and Felicity Hurfield.

Introductions were made all around.

Announcements and Discussions

Ben reported that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) accessibility study is underway and he will keep us updated. Discussion on increased emphasis on accessibility on campus. [Ed. note: The University is developing an accessibility SPG and ITS is finalizing the purchase of an enterprise web accessibility evaluation tool.]

Russ brought up Low Vision and OT work he is involved in currently

Anna described (with credit to Paul G): "Stumbling Blocks" for the Bicentennial distributed in prominent places around campus (e.g., Union, Diag) include Braille script

Discussion of placement and accuracy of Braille around campus and comments made to perhaps form a subcommittee to check on this: “Stumbling Blocks” bicentennial exhibition to tackle U-M's history, look to future


Khodar Farhat spoke on achievements at UM-Dearborn and general perspectives and plans.

Felicity Hurfield delivered presentaion on SpeakABILITY and her own experiences

Group at conference table photographed by Jim for Khodar