CfDC Minutes — April 10, 2018

ATTENDING: Stephanie Rosen, Chair; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer; Mina Ajam; Jason Apap; Sue Bade (BlueJeans); Evan James Copeland (BlueJeans); Bonnie Dede; Heather Eckner; Jeff Edelstein; Jim Eng; Ben Howell (BlueJeans); Nabeela Jaffer; Janet Keller; Kathleen Mozak-Betts; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Robert Schultz; Martin Warin; Tracy Wright


Heather announced Forum 18 to be held at WISD on May 11th. She is seeking individuals to talk about their opportunities along with their disabilities.

Anna announced that the Investing in Ability Committee will partner with Michigan Medicine (dis)Ability for one event; there will also be an expert panel on chronic fatigue and similar syndromes and the related documentary "Unrest" will be shown at a different date.

Jeff described receiving a DEI award along with a group of fellow grad students--how would you spend $100,000? (see 2 DEI attachments below) The suggestion was a special disability area where people could meet for socializing and support. The location would be in Student Life (he will be working with that unit after this term).He suggested the necessity for a formal disability needs assessment. Student Life will be the location.

Sue (via Bluejeans) described the proposal to DEI, hasn't heard back from them yet, but Office for Institutional Equity is developing the programs to assist faculty and staff with disabilities (starting as a virtual resource with phase 2 being a location).

Els described a conference in San Diego that she will attend with a workshop on international health equity/WHO disability model (American Public Health Association). Els also described a SPH Principles of Inclusive Design workshop conducted by Patty Bradley and 2 colleagues.

Several members praised "Speakability," a panel of students sponsored by SSD; they requested a repeat performance. We will contact Megan Marshall for possibility of rerun.

Anna mentioned her concern with the results of the staff climate survey which revealed high numbers of individuals who were unhappy with campus atmosphere.


There being no other items on the agenda, members broke up into small groups to discuss the Council's mission--whether we should change/add anything to the statements. Results were passed along in writing to Stephanie.

Closing Remarks

Kathleen urged the Council members (and others) to share information about different disabilities, showing empathy for others in order to work together and have more impact.

Next meeting will be on May 8th at noon in the Earl Lewis Room on the 3rd floor of the Rackham Building, 915 E Washington St, Ann Arbor.

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